Saturday, December 18, 2010

Polyhedron Habitable House

Almost similar to the bee house, hehe I like the design of this house, design house that was built by Manuel Villa Colombia, home amid the park is very convenient, for meditation and give a maximum silence. Spend time with your family, give a lot of time together with family comfort. “Geometry busy” to provide refuge and shelter, but also as a holiday. Which has a cube-shaped octagonal applied to become a place to live a natural and cool. Using a comfortable air conditioning, a large entrance with a tiny window on one wall of this house. Polyhedron is a space is occupied by a small residual captive Colombian architect Manuel Villa in Bogota, the capital of Colombia.

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Thursday, December 16, 2010

House Design with Unique Shape in Australia

The house is located in the territory of Australia. Houses are built on a hill with incredible views. One room is designed slightly jutting out. This house was designed by Jackson Clement Burrows Architects. The house has an incredible sight. Having room to see the sights that are outside the home. This house also has a balcony with a living room that is extraordinary. Home page is very broad. Surrounded by green grass, incredibly fresh.

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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Kiltro House in Talca, Chile

It is very extreme, house built against the cliffs of the mountains. The house is very unique, but it makes my skin crawl. Owners can see the moon and stars from a close distance. It must be very interesting when the night comes. The house is located in Chile. Klitro house is a house with a very cool concept and conventional. The home’s modern metal frame comes wrapped in a warm wood and glass facade, complementing its surroundings and embracing the spectacular view. The avant-garde roofline features a flat top to accommodate the rooftop patio. On the roof of the building can be used to relax, could see the vast sky, with a maximum air. The bottom of the building has a very bright light, Installed some lights to illuminate the bottom of the building.

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Monday, December 13, 2010

Upside Down Home Design

The design of the house upside down is very unique. This house is like a natural disaster is very large, flipping houses intact. hehehe .. The design of this house built by Daniel Czapiewski, a bussinesman Poland and philanthropist. This house was built much longer than building a regular house. This house was built more than 3 months, precisely built for 114 days. The house that might be a little strange to be a place to live.

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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Minimalist Open Air White House Design

Please see this house and its contents. A modern house without windows, houses a very unique design. White walls are perforated with no windows. This house is applying the idea of extraordinary. The idea of open space that will provide maximum air circulation.This house can be used to relax, read books and play the kids. The unique of this house, using plants in the house. With a small tree decoration, the house that blends with nature. Providing freshness. The furniture that completes this house was made of from the solid wood so that as the simple concept of the house, this house was already complete. Complete with the real plants and trees, this natural white house interior ideas now already complete.

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Saturday, December 11, 2010

White Apartment Plans in Tokyo

This is an apartment that was built in Tokyo. These apartments are designed by Sue Fujimoto. I like the design of an apartment like this, very simple. The design of the apartment with a beautiful white color, make this apartment is clean, white color outside and make the room more comfortable place to live.Although this analogy is a risk to minimize the impact this may have original design, fooled only by comparing the simplicity of the overall assessment of this idea, and as you know, is the simplicity of a blessing. These apartments are located were in the street. Very bright light at night. All walls are white, with clean floors and some furniture glass charming. These apartments are when viewed from the outside looks like a pile house, situated on the Ladder side wall.

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Thursday, December 9, 2010

VilLa NM Fantastic Design by UNStudio

With beautiful panoramic meadow, the Villa NM is home extraordinary. Comfortable place to live. The house has a modern style and fantastic. The draft made by UNStudio, have a shiny glass,Rotary flooring, wall to develop an orderly and rational distortion. These ramps connect to the dining room and living space of your room, kitchen, bathroom and fireplace vertically integrated in the main house. This house has a unique wall, the wall is curved like the inside of the ball. When dusk arrives, sunsets provide an interesting reflection on the glass.There is a large swimming pool, to relax. It houses a very comfortable design.

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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Unique Dome Design

The dome that can be assembled with ease. The dome was designed by Danish Architect Kari Thomsen and Engineer Ole Vanggaard. This house is very simple, constructed with a simple design using lingkunagan friendly materials. Green roof provides good light effects, this house looks fresh and amazing. Dome house was built in 1992. Futuristic design, depicting a house in the future.he Society Islands Greenland Faroah, dome, just in different configurations to 160 meters are covered. Dome of nature, 250 meters. Taft dome (pictured), Duo Dome and villas from 500 to 2200 meters and the dome in 1000 feet of a single cultural dome or a series of several domes based on the icosahedron “” Such a set of hexagonal plates, agreed to ensure maximum interior design. This house has a large window that provides a source of light in the room. Can relax in the house when the morning with stunning views.

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Monday, December 6, 2010

The Orchid House by Sarah Featherstone

Homes with natural concepts. This house was given the name of the orchid house, designed by Sarah Featherstone. Sarah used to handle the project on the Lower Mill Estate. This house has a living room that floated above the water. Homeowners can enjoy the scenery outside the house through a large glass. The plan of this house will be completed in 2011. The house is very unusual, Floating overlooking the lake. It will definitely make this home a cool atmosphere.

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Sunday, December 5, 2010

A Unique Cave House

Cave house is very elegant. The inside of the house is very luxurious. Racangan made so amazing, I was informed that the house was sold on ebay. The house is located in Missouri, USA nd is on sale on Ebay for $ 300,000. The house is very big. You can see pictures of this design. Look at the composition of this house. It looks very neat and large, there is a very unique home furnishings. Some furniture is made of wood, I think this house is very warm and comfortable.

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