Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Unique House Design of Vitra

Vitra is a building located on the plains of the Rhine. building a very unique and sturdy. Stretching is very stately, vertical, and unique. The house is used for private residence. A house with a unique arrangement. This house is very pleasant place to live. Look at night. This house looks very bright, with lights and window width.

Source : http://deluxearch.com/green-house-and-unique-design-of-vitra

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Conch-Shell House Design

Conch Shell House, Design, Features a rental house, I saw this very strange house, this house comes from mexico. You want to know the architect that made this house? his name is Octavio Ocampo. Seashell motif that makes me impressed. seashell motif made in the form of sinks, faucets, shells of small concrete pillar coral dress and shell lamps, beds and more. Various rooms in the house is very unusual, large bed with a winding staircase.

source : http://www.viahouse.com/2010/11/unique-house-design-the-conch-shell-house/

Piano House Design

The house is located in An Hui Province, China. The revamped new area and built a house special. With piano and violin-shaped design. A design with a mixture of art and music theme. In the violin-shaped room that contained an escalator to the upper room. It's incredible, the house that was formed from a musical instrument. I was amazed when I saw a photo of this home. Do you agree with my opinion?


Sculptured House on Genesee Mountain

Houses with an area of 7500 square meters, designed by Charles Deaton, the house with the draft without a point is called "sculptured House" on Genesee Mountain outside Denver in Colorado. Deaton designed this house in 1963, a very creative idea, create a different home, do not have the four corners of the rectangle. This house consists of three main levels. The first floor appear smaller, with decorative glass on the side of the house. What a stunning design. I was informed that this house has been sold, if you want to buy it?

Curiosity architecture, built in 1963, was featured in the 1973 Woody Allen film, Sleeper. It was purchased in 1999 by software millionaire John Huggins for $ 1.3 million. Although Huggins is now an angel investor, he was previously chief financial officer of software company Johnson-Grace, which develops streaming media applications and later acquired by America Online in 1996.

source : http://unusuallife.com/2005/12/28/sleeper-house-for-sale/

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Blob VB3, Design Houses Unique With Egg Shape

The design of polyester shaped like a giant egg. This house was designed with a versatile room. Although the space looks small, this house is highly versatile, consisting of a variety of rack for a bed and a place to store goods. This house has a main entrance which is very large. White paint to give light to the entire room. It poses a kitchen, bathrooms, and beds. Shelves are curved shape, very unique.

Shelves to match the book, telivisim and shoes. When you enter you will feel comfortable. This house has adequate lighting system. This house is like a second office for you.

source : http://freshome.com/2010/01/12/blob-vb3-a-unique-house-extention/

Colorful and Unique Design

The design house of unique colors. This house has a wide color ragan, exceptional color combination. This house has a unique shape, has the shape of square and round, with the color of each room is different. Look at the inside, you can relax in this house. Many places for you to relax, you can gather with your family. Playing with the children and wife.

Form a unique space to make us comfortable to relax, look at this room, very comfortable to read and rest.

source : http://www.greatfa.com/architecture-design-home-in-colorful-and-unique-design/

Bizarre Giant Snail Home

Did you ever see the Teletubbies? if you ever noticed homes Teletubbies, Teletubbies home design similar to this house.This house was designed by Javier Senosiain, snail-shaped house that big. Very creative idea to make a big snail-shaped house. You need to see inside this house, very amazing. Colorful decoration that will make your heart happy and comfortable.

Glass colors make the room a brighter atmosphere, really feel that comfortable for a place to live. Like the paradise garden is in the house, the beautiful lights make the room look more warm and spacious.

A clean kitchen for cooking, cooking with luxurious furniture. Exceptional design for your kitchen.


Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Unique Wooden House

The house was designed by Robert Harvey Oshatz, this wooden house built for Fennell Residence. The whole side of the house made of wood, designed with a solid. The inside of a house identical to the texture of wood. Using a curved design, curved design will provide excellent light effects in each room.

All furniture made of wood, light enters the room very much, giving the reflection of light into each room.

source : http://spmb.com/unique-riverview-wooden-house-designs/

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Unique Glass Home Design Ideas from Carlo Santambrogio and Ennio Arosio

House made of glass, all sides using a glass, walls made of translucent glass, all contents can be seen from outer space. Unique home consisting of three floors. Each floor is connected with a minimalist glass staircase. Furniture used to use black color. black sofa, bed black color motif view. This house was designed by Carlo Santambrogio and Ennio Arosio (Santambrogiomilano)

Dining table with black, looks very elegant and modern. Glass lined up neatly. Truly exceptional home design.

source : http://www.fopple.com/unique-glass-home-design-ideas-from-carlo-santambrogio-and-ennio-arosio-santambrogiomilano/

Unique Home Design By Jose Orrego

Jose Orrego designing a house with a combination of red and white, the color that is not boring. Jose addition also gives the element of water in the design of this house, he chose to make a big pond. This house is designed for natural scenery can be seen clearly. Jose put some light on the wall of the house, the lights make the scene outside the home is becoming increasingly clear, Jose also choose plants for this beautiful house.

Lights that decorate the outside of the house at night, very beautiful. Lamp part in more light, the feel is so quiet and comfortable.
The element of water, making a big pond. I'd love to have a house like this.

source : http://deluxearch.com/unique-house-architectur-by-jose-orrego